Interview By Studio Rarekind

I recently had the pleasure to have been interviewed by »Studio Rarekind« where I talked about my work and my personal path as an illustrator and about illustration in general during these days. You can find the full interview here.

Huge thanks to Ryo Sanada, Andrea Juanillo, and Suridh (Shaz) Hassan. You can also find some of the Mindshot illustrations in their last publication, Stick It to The Man – a book all about protest stickers from artists around the world.

Making-Of: Report for German TV-Station

Behind the scenes: This week I had the pleasure to meet the great team of who are shooting a report about my work as an illustrator. Huge thanks to Christian and Johannes and also to Melanie from M Kaffee where I love to spend hours searching for new ideas. Can’t wait to see the report on TV soon.