8 things I learned through writing and blogging consistently

  1. I am feeling good A new habit of writing enriches my daily routine and, therefore, my life.
  2. Consistency is key I knew from the beginning that it wasn’t primarily the quality of the writing that mattered. I also learned that it’s not about quantity. It’s all about consistency.
  3. I am turning my back on resistance Daily writing becomes an unconscious automatism. The fear and resistance to getting to work disappear more and more with each blog post.
  4. Done is better than perfect Now I understand what Seth Godin means when he says, “good enough to ship.”
  5. Itt’s a great way to meet great people After a while, you have a swarm of content that will inevitably attract the attention of mind-liked people over time.
  6. Repetition is part of it – It’s ok to write about a topic over and over again. It’s never the same. The subject might not have changed, but my experiences, perspective, opinion, and thoughts about it might have.
  7. I am proving professionalism Writing about my work consistently demonstrates additional skills and attitudes to audiences and potential clients. It conveys credibility, curiosity, courage to make a statement, and adherence to deadlines, which builds trust.
  8. It’s all about me at first Please check this post for further information.