Hi! I am Sergio, a Germany-based illustrator who loves to creates images by
using watercolors, ink, pencils and digital media.
I started as a fashion graphic designer for various brands such as Esprit and
Marc O’Polo, and then began to explore my personal path on illustrations.
Since my childhood, I have enjoyed working with pencils and watercolors.
Now, I combine the elements digitally to create something unique. Switching
styles, mixing techniques and exploring unknown aspects of my abilities drive
me forward and enable me to create visually appealing projects for a diverse
range of clients.
You can visit my portfolio here: www.maivisto.de
On this blog I constantly share my recent illustrations, as well as old stuff,
work-in-progresses, recognitions and inspirations. If you’d like me to work on
your next project, collaborate, or just have a conversation, please feel free
to contact me.
Ciao ciao!

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