How I write posts as a non-native English speaker

  • Audio record – I have always found “write like you talk” a helpful tip. So before I write about a topic, I talk about it in my native language (German) and record my words via my smartphone. Speaking helps me keep sentences short (even if I’d like to get to the point faster). While speaking, I imagine giving a short lecture to students, as I so often actually do.  
  • Write in German – Afterwards, I listen to my words, put them in order, and write them down.
  • Translation to English – For this, I use Up to 5000 characters per text are possible for free. In addition to the translation, you can search for alternative word suggestions by moving the mouse over the words.
  • Spell-checker is an excellent program to find more mistakes and improve the structure of a sentence. The price for the premium package is $144 per year. 

In the long run, it will come down to a professional translator. In the meantime, if you have any other suggestions for writing texts in English, feel free to share them with me