Solino (2002)

I think that most of you don’t know this movie. It’s a German one directed by Fatih Akin, starring the great actors Barnaby Netschurat and Moritz Bleibtreu. It’s about the time when my own father came from Italy to Germany in the 60’s. It shows the clash of two different cultures in a very humorous and beautiful way. Find the whole project on my website.

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Music Cover: No Church In The Wild By Jay-Z & Kanye West

This artwork is one lettering experiment out of a series of CD covers I did 3 years ago. I created my own covers for some of my favorite songs by using watercolors, brush pens, tape and more. You can see the whole series on my website or on

Prints and products are available on Society6.

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Movie Inspired Illustrations


Like many freelance designers who work the whole day from their home studios, I enjoy watching, or to put it differently, listening to movies while working. They are a huge inspiration, and from time to time, I create illustrative series like these to celebrate some of my favourite movies. Find the whole project on my website.

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