Sport Illustrations: Zlatan – Step 1 (WIP)

Thanks to soccerbible, I would like to share with you the work-in-progress for my Zlatan Ibrahimovic artwork. This is the initial sketch. I like this part a lot, because you get a feeling for the figure and the fall of the folds.

Check out the whole sport illustration series on Behance.

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Soccerbible Features My Zlatan Artwork

I’m very glad to announce that my illustration of Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been featured on SoccerBible (Instagram). About SoccerBible:

»SoccerBible is an online publication covering the latest in football product, culture and design. Our devotion and commitment has seen SoccerBible become the go-to resource for the people that matter in an ever-evolving game.«

That’s really an honor! Thank you very much SoccerBible!

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