German Design Award 2021 For »50 Mindshots«

I feel very honored that my first book »50 Mindshots« received the German Design Award 2021. The jury says:

»Imaginative illustrations on daily topics and current issues. Some critical of society, some winking or simply smiling. From cyberbullying, press freedom, exploitation of resources and burnout to the pitfalls of being in love. Statements emphasise, in the best sense, our everyday madness.«

After the Red Dot Award, the Art Director Club Nail and the 3×3 Merit award, I am so glad that this ongoing personal initiated project receives this prestigious recognition. Huge thanks to the jury. The book is availabe at Knesebeck-Verlag and on Amazon.

Interview By Studio Rarekind

I recently had the pleasure to have been interviewed by »Studio Rarekind« where I talked about my work and my personal path as an illustrator and about illustration in general during these days. You can find the full interview here.

Huge thanks to Ryo Sanada, Andrea Juanillo, and Suridh (Shaz) Hassan. You can also find some of the Mindshot illustrations in their last publication, Stick It to The Man – a book all about protest stickers from artists around the world.