Sport Illustrations: Zlatan – Step 1 (WIP)

Thanks to soccerbible, I would like to share with you the work-in-progress for my Zlatan Ibrahimovic artwork. This is the initial sketch. I like this part a lot, because you get a feeling for the figure and the fall of the folds.

Check out the whole sport illustration series on Behance.

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Soccerbible Features My Zlatan Artwork

I’m very glad to announce that my illustration of Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been featured on SoccerBible (Instagram). About SoccerBible:

»SoccerBible is an online publication covering the latest in football product, culture and design. Our devotion and commitment has seen SoccerBible become the go-to resource for the people that matter in an ever-evolving game.«

That’s really an honor! Thank you very much SoccerBible!

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Welcome To My Mind!

… and welcome to a personal project I call »Mindshots«. From time to time I illustrate my thoughts by using this simple red, black and white style to get some ideas out of my head. The inspiration for each piece comes from my daily life while working, talking, watching a movie, and hanging out with friends, or while getting bored in the dentist’s waiting room. Some are socially critical, humorous, or just plain ridiculous.

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Back Again!


Dear loyal readers and followers!

I took a short break to change the structure of this blog. In the future you will find more work-in-progress pics, so you can see the different steps from the initial sketch to the final artwork. Sometimes I find it more interesting to see processes, thoughts and sketches than the worked-out piece – maybe you do, too. Furthermore, I shared some early works from 2011 till 2012. I hope you enjoy following my way as an illustrator and find some inspiration. Please feel free to tell or ask me anything you want via the contact form or by leaving a comment.

Furthermore, I updated my online portfolio – You’ll find a lot of new projects including portraits, sport and product illustrations, and much more. Take a look:

Thank you all for your constant support!

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